Wienk IT


Name: Mark Wienk
Role: Freelance senior fullstack web developer
Twente area, The Netherlands
Languages: Dutch, English


I am a software craftsman. My primary area of expertise is backend development, but I also like to work with the frontend and server deployment side of web applications. This is what makes me a fullstack developer. My expertise can be summarized as follows:

Backend engineer
Languages: PHP, Java, JavaScript, GraphQL, SQL
Frameworks: Laravel, Drupal, Symfony, Magento 2, PrestaShop
Databases: MySQL, MS SQL, MongoDB
Tools: ElasticSearch, Solr, Minio

Frontend engineer
React, Gatsby JS, GraphQL, Prismic, Netlify

Devops engineer
Kubernetes, Rancher, Docker, GitLab CI, Deployer


I develop with a strong focus on performance and security. I adhere to coding standards and I always aim for the highest possible quality.


My broad expertise and social skills ensure that a I can quickly participate in an existing team. I have a lot of experience working in agile/scrum teams.

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